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  • Amazing Escape Room in Marseille, definitely a place to check out during your stay. They offer bilingual rooms, definitely a good time, really nice people!
  • One of the best escape rooms I've been to, enjoyed the whole stay, and the hosts were really accommodating and pleasant, they made our day!
  • I love Marseille and the escape rooms too. What else would we try it like a Taxi-themed game? :)
  • The theme of the rooms are fantastic, and the decor matches perfectly.
  • Really friendly enviroment, the rooms are very well built, you can see there was a lot of tought put into it. The atmosphere of the rooms just sucks you in.
  • Watch Teaser:

    Sherlock - Escape Game Marseille Escape Room

    Watch Teaser:<h2>Sherlock - Escape Game Marseille Escape Room</h2> Video Preview
  • Watch Teaser:

    Jigsaw - Escape Game Marseille Escape Room

    Watch Teaser:<h2>Jigsaw - Escape Game Marseille Escape Room</h2> Video Preview

PanIQ Escape Games Marseille

Experience closeness or adventures in our central location, downtown Rue Vacon. To get out there, intelligence and teamwork will be needed, because every corner of the room, each object is a "key" that brings you closer to freedom. On the way out there are codes, locks, puzzles, puzzles and dungeons waiting to be completed.

Poor nerves do not have to hold sudden, unexpected scars. High adrenaline levels are caused by the rapid decline of time and the necessary resolution of puzzles and mysteries. If you find the last key that opens the exit you are saved. Coordination is indispensable, so teams of 2 to 6 people at the same time face the danger of eternal closure.

Discover the classic and popular "room escape" game and experience the experience multiple times in LIVE. If you desire an unforgettable and new experience in 60 minutes, and of course you have the time, book a date at PanIQ Room.

Adventure, team building, experience, "some" tension and a little bit of mystery. That is the PanIQ Room.

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Our Prices

Individual Ticket Prices*

235 € /
3 - 428 € /
from 526 € /

Opening Hours

Sat11:30 - 23:31
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu14:29 - 21:00
Sun14:30 - 20:30
Fri14:30 - 23:31
* The price is determined by the number of players playing the game in your group.

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Crowe Horwath hipcom Cours de France BNP Paribas La Poste L'Occitane en Provance CMA CGM Adecco Expedia orange Decathlon Kedge Business School Crédit Mutuel
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