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Voodoo Spirits

Voodoo Spirits

Live Escape Room

There is a "Loa" – a Haitian Vodou ghost, also called as "the Invisible" – haunting the hut of a priest where you have been trapped by this evil spirit... The priest has a powerful golden skull that can protect you against Loa possession. You must find it within an hour before the spirit enters you.

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Voodoo Escape Room - Voodoo Face Voodoo Escape Room - Voodoo Doll With Stick Voodoo Escape Room - Voodoo Doll In Box Voodoo Escape Room - Voodoo Witch Hut
Difficulty: Medium
Like shadowing Columbo for a day. This is the perfect mix of chill and challenge. Great for first-timers.

For 2-7 Players

From age: 10

Game duration: 60 minutes

5302 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

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