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Mission: Mars - Escape Game Marseille Escape Room

Mission: Mars - Escape Game Marseille

New generation Escape game

Play your own movie...

It is the near future, and the planet MARS is slowly becoming habitable. Your team of scientists is working on it. You are on your way to MARS in a CNES spacecraft when you receive an emergency signal! Something terrible has happened, the artificial intelligence program that controls the base has woken up and gone haywire. You have just arrived at the base, when it tries to destroy you. You will need all your skills to regain control and save yourself and the other scientists who will follow you. If you don't succeed, all will be lost, humanity will collapse. You are the team of MARS scientists who must save the entire planet, so get to work!

For 2-6 Players
From age: 12
Game duration: 60 minutes
Accessible to people with disabilities
Percentage of success: 85%

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