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Mission: Mars

Mission: Mars

Imagine that you traveled to the Mars as the first person with a self-propelled spacecraft. Your mission is to complete the last, on-the-spot checks at the TRNB1 mars base, to prepare it for another 42 new scientists. At least this was the plan...

24 hours ago something happened on the base, something, which is one of our worst nightmares: the awaking of a virtual assistant. The main system of the TRNB1 has awoken and right after your second team were launched into the space, it has come to a fatal decision, to stop the life support systems at the base.

The lives of your science team are in your hands.
Ozone shield: 75%, oxygen production: 30%, solar power generation: 3% and decrease... The bet is huge and time is running out. Are you ready to fulfill the most important mission of the ESA/CNES since the Aurora program?

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Difficulty: Medium
Like shadowing Columbo for a day. This is the perfect mix of chill and challenge. Great for first-timers.

For 2-6 Players

From age: 12

Game duration: 60 minutes

13001 Marseille, 21 Rue Vacon

Accessible to people with disabilities

Percentage of success: 85%

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