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Lost in the Museum

Lost in the Museum

The players represent a group of museum visitors who end up trapped in a museum during a power outage.

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Excitement has been building in the city for some time now; a collection of mysterious relics from the ancient world has been travelling Europe, and it’s here now for a one-night exhibition.

As you descend the elevator to the exhibition level, power goes out across the entire city, dropping you suddenly before the emergency brakes engage. The doors open and you find yourselves in the museum basement without a soul in sight ... or much of anything else with the power gone. Do you restore the power to find a way out? Or do you hope that your other senses will be enough to carry you through?

Whatever you decide, you must work quickly because not everything down here is still. As you venture farther from the elevator, you discover a strange artifact, radiating more and more power with each passing minute. Can you find your way out of the museum in time?

Escape Room Difficulty: Medium The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. Does your group have what it takes to escape?
For 2-8 Players
From age: 12
Game duration: 60 minutes
Accessible to people with disabilities
Percentage of success: 65%

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