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Zombie Outbreak

Zombie Outbreak

Play your own movie...

The world as you know it is over. Society has crumbled, and the ravenous dead now walk the earth.

Whatever life you had before is gone; now you’re all each other have left. You all were fortunate enough to find this ranch, but time is running out. The hordes of undead will find this place eventually, and you don’t have the means to defend it for long. Miraculously, the old radio in the barn still works, and through it you learned about a safe zone just a few counties over that promises food, clean water, medicine, and security.

Your only hope is an old motorcycle in the barn. If you can find the keys, new spark plugs, and some fuel, you can make a run for the safe zone and the hope of a new life. But work quickly... the dead are coming!

Escape Room Difficulty: Easy This room concentrates on FUN, and doesn't overload you with too much complexity. A great option for beginners and smaller groups!
For 2-10 Players
From age: 12
Game duration: 45 minutes
Accessible to people with disabilities

Look around in the room

  • Zombie Escape Room - Zombie Hand
  • Zombie Escape Room - Barn Electornics
  • Zombie Escape Room - Crate
  • Zombie Escape Room - Workbench
  • Zombie Escape Room - Bloody Skull