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Booking (Cost, Events, Vouchers)

"How do I book?"

The booking is made through our online platform. It allows you to check our availabilities per mission (real time updated) and to book one or several missions in the same time.

"How much does it cost and how should I pay?"

The price is 25 EUR per person whatever the size of your group. In the case of two players, the price is 35 EUR per person. Payment will be requested at the time of booking. You have to pay online for one person using your credit card, and everything else on the spot.

"Is my reservation OK? How do I know?"

After making the reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at [email protected]

"We have more or fewer people than we did when booking!"

This is not a problem, so you do not need to dial it separately. It's enough if you find out how many people are on the spot. What you enter in the system is just a guiding number!

"Is it possible to organise a professional event?"

Yes indeed!
We regularly welcome companies for team building sessions, a seminar or even just an informal night.

"Is it possible to organise a bachelor or bachelorette party? "

You would like to organise a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party? There are many occassions to spend a great hour with friends and family!

"Can we offer PANIQ ROOM as a gift?"

You loved your PANIQ ROOM experience and you wish to make your friends or family a great and 100% original gift? You can buy a gift card on site or directly on our website.

Policies (Cancellations, Rescheduling, Age Restrictions)

"What is your cancellation & reschedule policy?"

All sales are final. We do not have refunds for cancellations and no shows.
Reschedules will be allowed within 24 hours of your scheduled game. You can only reschedule a game one time.

"Can children participate?"

Of course!
Nevertheless, the minimum age is 12 years.

"What happens if we are late for our game?"

Your game begins precisely at the time you reserved.

Unfortunately, if you are late we will have to deduct it from your game time. There are no refunds or reschedules for late arrivals.

Please keep in mind that you have to arrive 15 minutes before your starting time. This will ensure you get the full hour in your room.

Games (Difficulty, Group Size, Duration)

"How many of us can go to a track / are more than the pitch capacity?"

The number of persons recommended to come to the track is shown on the track descriptions.

"What do padlocks mean?"

We recommend our 3 locksmiths for less well-known players as well as teams of 2-3 people. Less eyes, fewer see the principle of small teams, is a perfect choice for such a track as well as for those who do not have at least 5 escape room game experiences.

"What are the languages available?"

We can welcome you in both French and English if you wish. All of our games are bilingual.

Accessibility & Health Concerns

"Where do I park if I arrive by car?"

You can park in Parking Indigo at 22 Place du Général Charles de Gaulle, 13001 Marseille. It is 3 minute walk away from PANIQ ROOM.

"Are the rooms Accessible for the people with disabilities?"

There are four rooms available, but the Saw is technically not suitable for wheelchairs. In the rooms of Paniq Room, the doors are 90 cm wide and there is a disabled toilet and a lift.

If you still need assistance, please contact us.