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Bring the adventure home.

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  • Llamageddon - The Board Game

Llamageddon - The Board Game

An ultralight party game of communication and persuasion skills for 3-6 players who are trying to survive the impending alpacalypse.

Published by PanIQ Room.



Llamas are fleeing their planet, Fluffrica. But not everyone will make it. Win by getting your chosen llamas onto the spaceship.

A famous llamastronomer sees Fluffrica is in the path of an oncoming meteor. After checking and re-checking the data, it's clear llamakind faces an unstoppable apocalypse. To escape the upcoming ca-llamity, some clever llamas built a spaceship. They aren't sure where to go, but anywhere is better than staying on their dying planet.

Bring your friends and family together to see who will board the spaceship and carry on the llama legacy.

Llamageddon Card Game Box
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