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Doomsday Bunker Escape Room

Doomsday Bunker

Family Friendly • Exciting Adventure Escape Room •

Play your own movie...

This doomsday bunker has been infiltrated by an extremist group seeking ransom, in exchange for kill codes to a nuclear bomb
The bombs ignition fuse has been planted somewhere inside this bunker and you have been sent to defuse the bomb in one hour before it detonates
If you can successfully defuse the bomb in under one hour, you are also being ordered to vacate the bunker using a different route than the one you entered
If you fail the world outside of the bunker will be destroyed and you will be trapped inside forever.

This room based on the old Military Bunker, some of the puzzles are changed.

Escape Room Difficulty: MediumThe road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. Does your group have what it takes to escape?
For 2-7 Players
From age: AGE 10
Game duration: 60 minutes
Accessible to people with disabilities
Mon - Thu, Sun2$34 / $40 /
from 3$36 /
Fri, Sat2$35 / $42 /
from 3$38 /

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