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Please arrive 5 minutes before your game time!

Your experience will begin right at your booking time so plan accordingly!

How is the game hosted?

A live host will greet you when you join your meeting via your Zoom link and will guide you through the entire experience.

How many players per team?

You will be divided into 4-8 person teams depending on group size.

Can we play from the same room?

Everyone who is in the same room will have to be on the same team so plan accordingly.

Do you welcome international players?

Absolutely! Please note that our game times are in PST only and our games are only offered in English.

What will I need to play?

A computer (no mobile or tablet) that can host Zoom with chat function enabled and an updated browser (Chrome, Safari, or Edge) that can load external websites & Google Drive with all ad-blockers and VPNs turned off. Camera, microphone, and mouse/trackpad are optional.

Can we pick teams or do team names?

Players will be assigned to teams randomly and the teams will be numbered as Team 1

Are winners announced?

Finish times are tracked and standings will be announced during the wrap up after game play has ended.

What is the experience like?

You Host will give an introduction and you will be sent a link in chat which will take you to a password protected website behind which lies your first puzzle. You will solve puzzles navigating through websites which will get you closer and closer to the finish screen. Your host will check on you every 15 minutes during gameplay, but you can call them for help at any time! At the end, we will take a group photo and the Host will log off, leaving the Zoom room to you to debrief!

What happens at the end of the game?

At the end, we will take a group photo and the Host will log off, leaving the Zoom room to you to debrief!

Can players join late?

It is easy to accommodate late players as long as they are ticketed!

Can the duration be adjusted?

Due to our booking schedule we are only able to offer 60-minute experiences.

What if fewer players show up than tickets purchased?

All sales are final and there are no refunds for unused tickets.

What if more players show up than tickets purchased?

You may add additional players upon arrival to your virtual room. We will follow up after your game via email for payment!

If you still need assistance, please contact us.