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Medieval Madness Escape Room

Medieval Madness

Creepy • Next Gen Live Escape Room

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‘Tis truly a dark day for thee. Ye hath chosen a life of wanton abandon, debauchery, and depravity, rejecting goodness and patience for the sake of carnal pleasures. But ye cannot escape judgment forever, and the time hath come for ye to make thine penance through wound and blood. Here in this place of horrifying torture and punishment will ye spend thine final hours before a painful end, followed by judgment to the eternal place where the flames are ne’er extinguished.

But the Lord doth promise forgiveness for those who seek Him still. Free thyself from this imprisonment and flee to the welcoming arms of thine Redeemer! Repent and confess thine sins to the Lord before thine soul is lost to the darkness forever, and He will set ye free indeed!

Escape Room Difficulty: ExpertComplex puzzles and mind-bending riddles test the bold. Designed for large groups, true escape room enthusiasts and puzzle-lovers who are up for a challenge!
For 3-8 Players
From age: Age 10
Game duration: 60 minutes
3 - 4$43.95 /
from 5$37.95 /