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The Red Wire

The Red Wire

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The intelligence world is cloaked in secret, but one of those secrets has slipped out. The Fixer, a shadowy foreign agent, has been identified by secret service agents in London, and he is believed to be planning a terrorist attack here in the city. Analysts have tracked him to an old neighborhood where he has established a safehouse. It is believed that he has completed building a bomb in preparation for his attack. You and your fellow agents have been assigned to find him and put a stop to his plans. Can you defuse this situation before it goes too far?

Difficulty: Expert
You'd have to be the next Sherlock Holmes to handle this. Solving this room is how legends are made. Not recommended for beginners.

For 2-8 Players

From age: 10

Game duration: 60 minutes

Theme Park Avenue, Phase 7, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

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