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Don't do it by yourself! Franchising is sexy

A trusted brand

Economic research proves that customers trust big brands and prefer companies with multiple locations over independent operators.
From the entrepreneur's perspective, franchising can seem to be a heavily regulated industry. However, when you make an arrangement with a Franchisor like PANIQ ROOM, you gain an experienced and financially solid partner.
Please note, that PANIQ ROOM was one of the first official escape room franchises in the US, and currently we have the most legal franchise partners in the country.


It’s easier to lease a space when you’re a franchisee. Landlords/real estate developers think long term and hate uncertainty, they’re looking for tenants with a proven track-record. If you start negotiating with them with a big Franchisor behind your back, they will be happy to sign a lease agreement with you, since the chance of failure is significantly lower.

Support with permits and construction

Despite their popularity with the public, escape rooms are completely unknown to most architectural offices, permitting authorities, inspectors, and general contractors.

PANIQ ROOM has worked with hundreds of experts in the past 4 years, therefore we know the rules and regulations of designing and building an escape room as well as anyone else on the market. We know that getting a proper certificate of occupancy and a business license can be very tough for an innovative business in most cities, so we are more than happy to guide you through the process and share our experience with you!

By opening a PANIQ ROOM you are using knowledge gained by dozens of projects and years of experience, from real estate selection principles through construction support to seamless onsite installation, we provide you with a holistic project management handbook and hands-on support, so you can focus on the next task without the stress.

Choosing the right suppliers

When you open a new business, you have to contact and hire almost a hundred different suppliers, from your puzzle manufacturer to your internet supplier.

It is impossible to make the right decision all the time, which means you will unwittingly waste money and invest in the wrong partners. Since we have developed almost 20 escape room projects in America, we have had the opportunity to select the best and most trusted suppliers, who can save you a lot of time and money. Brand name is very important, but when you buy a franchise, you are also investing in protection and experience. You probably don’t want to end up opening your venue with a malfunctioning website or use the kind of wallpaper that comes off after the first week, and we are here to make sure you don’t. Finding the right insurance policy or getting the right legal advice during the leasing process can influence the overall outcome of a project.

Hiring an experienced project manager, who can guide you through the steps, can cost you tens of thousands of dollars monthly! PANIQ ROOM can save you this money, we have a complete team who can hold your hand when you need it.


Banks love to finance small companies, who invest in a tested franchise brand. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars without the involvement of an outsider financer. Having a trusted Franchisor behind your back, it can be a lot easier to convince a bank to lend you money.

Power of crowdsourcing

You can save a lot of money by being a part of a big family, like PANIQ ROOM. Can you imagine how much it costs to produce a professional video commercial for an escape room? Since the same video footage can be used by other members of the brand, your venue will cover only a fraction of the full price. By being part of our network, you can save thousands of dollars on graphic design, web development, marketing campaigns, and even on puzzle and prop manufacturing.

Bulk discounts are also available for certain products. PANIQ has a professional designer background, valuable relationships with agencies and influencers, tested marketing channels and campaigns with calculated ROIs and proven methods to introduce the brand to a large variety of audiences.

Online presence

It might sound weird, but opening an escape room nowadays is equivalent to opening an online business. Most of your tickets will be purchased online, therefore your online presence is extremely important. If you want to start your own brand from scratch, you will need to wait years and spend $10,000s on online marketing and SEO in order to attain PANIQ ROOM’s domain authority and prominence in Google search algorithms. PANIQ ROOM has significant daily web traffic from across the country, our brand has thousands of backlinks and social media references.

Operational support

It can cost a fortune and take a year or more to come up with the optimal operational protocol. Hiring the right amount of people, then setting up an automatic supervision system needs expertise and experience.

PANIQ ROOM has invested a lot of effort and money in a custom-made backend and reservation system. Since we have opened different types of units in various neighborhoods with hundreds of employees over the past few years, we have been able to integrate a lot of observations and avoid many complaints by establishing our recommended daily routine.


In many countries, franchising became a safe solution for receiving permanent residency by gaining an investor visa, for example the EB-5 program in the US resulted in direct investments valued at $18.5 billion in the U.S. economy from 2008 and it creates about 30,000 workplaces annually.

The founders of PANIQ ROOM are from Europe, so we understand the requirements of immigration lawyers, we can flexibly adapt to the investment conditions. If you invest in a PANIQ ROOM franchise, you have the chance to get an investor VISA, which let’s you legally live and do business in the US.


When you invest most of your savings in a business, you will likely spend most of your time supervising it. With all the everyday duties, following your competition and spending additional dollars on research and development seems to be an impossible task for an independent unit. This is another reason why it’s advantageous to partner with PANIQ ROOM; our team spends a lot of time on market research and innovation.

This is why we were one of the first brands to build generation 3 escape rooms and unique VR adventures. We use social influencers on Instagram, introduced split payments on our website, and have developed a complex hint kiosk system.


Some people don’t like franchise brands, because they are overregulated and don’t let their franchisees contribute to the project and modify their unit to suit their own taste. Don’t be afraid of sharing your requests and creative ideas with us - if they’re feasible and financially reasonable – we would be more than happy to design custom themes and game plots for you! We are not McDonald’s or Subway, we must stay unique and flexible in order to be successful. The whole point of being an entrepreneur is to become independent and contribute to your own business. Let’s build PANIQ ROOM together!