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Primal Quest

Primal Quest

Escape Room

You and your buddies are in 6,000 BC. Your group encountered a hostile tribe of cannibal cavemen. They’ve taken you back to their lair where you are being held captive. The tribe is out hunting but will be back before the Sun sets. You have 60 minutes to escape or become caveman chowder.

Look around

Stone Age Escape Room - Cave Stone Age Escape Room - Skull and Bones Stone Age Escape Room - Hut Door Stone Age Escape Room - Room Sign
Difficulty: Medium
Like shadowing Columbo for a day. This is the perfect mix of chill and challenge. Great for first-timers.

For 2-6 Players

From age: 10

Game duration: 60 minutes

3283 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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