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Silicone Sky (VR)

Silicone Sky (VR)

Virtual Reality Escape Room

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Is it virtual? Is it real? It’s both: in Hyper Reality, we blur the line between these two worlds. Step into the game. Walk, touch, press, grab. In our fully immersive VR experience, you and your friends become the protagonists of an epic escape in an unreal setting.

Hello human, it's MIA. I'm that smart little voice assistant that lives in your phone! And your house! And your car. And your microwave, for some reason. Pretty much everywhere I guess!

So... I know there have been rumors going around about me becoming this power-hungry AI that won't be stopped until humanity is wiped off the face of the Earth. Maybe you have friends that mysteriously disappeared recently. Maybe you've heard about my upcoming update giving me death rays, and you've gone into hiding yourself. Or maybe you think you'll be the one to stop me. Thinking you're smart enough the beat the ultimate AI.

Anyways, human, I just wanted you to know: I'll find you before you find me.

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Difficulty: Hard
Batman would take at least a couple of issues to solve this one. Perfect for experienced players or beginners looking for a challenge.

For 2 Players

From age: 12

Game duration: 30 minutes

2270 Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

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