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Wild West

Wild West

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Wild West Escape Room Video Preview

Big River is a town on the rise. Gold’s been found in the hills, makin’ it a
bustlin’ little burg overnight. Yessir, this here town’s got a lot to celebrate, which is why ol’ Charlie decided to host the biggest poker game of these territories – a $10,000 stake, held in waiting in Charlie’s saloon. But that’s just too sweet a pot for you and yer crew to ignore. Lucky fer you, the saloon’s got a backdoor that heads right into Sheriff Portman’s office. It won’t take much to get you thrown into a cell, and sharin’ a little coin with his two-bit deputy Findley will get Sheriff out of town for a good hour. Time fer an old-fashioned jailbreak so you can get into Charlie’s Place to grab that loot before the law gets back. Hop to it, outlaws! Yer burnin’ daylight!

*This room has dim lighting that may not be suitable for some participants with visual impairments.

For 2-7 Players
From age: 10
Game duration: 60 minutes

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