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Wild West

Wild West

Play your own movie...

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Big River is a town on the rise. Gold’s been found in the hills, makin’ it a bustlin’ little burg overnight.

Yessir, this here town’s got a lot to celebrate, which is why ol’ Charlie decided to host the biggest poker game of these territories – a $10,000 stake, held in waiting in Charlie’s saloon. But that’s just too sweet a pot for you and yer crew to ignore. Lucky fer you, the saloon’s got a backdoor that heads right into Sheriff Portman’s office. It won’t take much to get you thrown into a cell, and sharin’ a little coin with his two-bit deputy Findley will get Sheriff out of town for a good hour.

Time fer an old-fashioned jailbreak so you can get into Charlie’s Place to grab that loot before the law gets back. Hop to it, outlaws! Yer burnin’ daylight!

This room has dim lighting that may not be suitable for some participants with visual impairments.

Escape Room Difficulty: Hard Challenging puzzles will test your group’s wits and cunning problem-solving. Designed for medium to large groups. Will you succeed?
For 2-7 Players
From age: 10
Game duration: 60 minutes

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