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Pyramid Heist

Pyramid Heist

Unlock the mysteries of Egypt

You have been hired by your boss to break into the Curator’s office at the Museum of Ancient and Historical Artifacts. There is an item that he wants that his hidden within the newest exhibit in the Museum. It is called the Golden Ankh of Rah. The curator has a picture of it hanging somewhere in his office. We are told that the Curator leaves his door unlocked so you can easily break-in. The new security guard put some hard to crack locks in there to make sure nobody can steal anything. We hired you because this is your specialty. We can only shut the security cameras down for an hour so be quick and don’t get caught. We have sent a few teams in before you and they have been unsuccessful. Good luck!

Closed toe shoes and casual attire recommended.

Difficulty: Medium
Like shadowing Columbo for a day. This is the perfect mix of chill and challenge. Great for first-timers.

For 2-7 Players

From age: 10

Game duration: 60 minutes

102 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

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