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A Steampunk Story

A Steampunk Story

Next Generation Live Escape Room

Play your own movie...

Professor Hoffman’s ideas were too radical and far too expensive for this for the 19th century city to support, which is what drove him to madness.

He has stolen, defrauded, and even beaten a man within an inch of his life in order to develop his ideas “for the betterment of humanity.” But now he has mysteriously disappeared. You have received a strange recording from the Professor, calling you to investigate his study.

Are you smart enough to figure out what he was working on and where he’s gone?

Escape Room Difficulty: Expert You'd have to be the next Sherlock Holmes to handle this. Solving this room is how legends are made. Not recommended for beginners.
For 2-8 Players
From age: 10
Game duration: 45 minutes